"Volkswagen´s great touring car".

This (in Germany) was the headline for the new classic limousine on top of the Volkswagen product range with which Wolfsburg hoped to gain custumers from Opel/Vauxhall in Rüsselsheim, BMW in Munich and Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart.

My Santana GX5 I bought in June 2000. Driving the Passat Trophy for half a year was a nice thing, but the hatchback is truly no substitute for the specialty of a Santana.

In the Internet I found this top-equipped one, and being a former company car of Audi Ingolstadt, there were few restrictions when ordering the extra equipment in 1983.

I drive this car on special occasions only - with the very small number of Santanas with the rare five-cylinder-engine left, it would be a dismal thing to use it in bad weather.

Thanks to Neil Birkitt for the small feature on the car in the U.K. magazine "Volkswagen Driver", issue April ´08!
Why do I drive a Santana five cylinder?

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