VW Passat Trophy Hatchback
engine code RM
displacement 1781ccm
max. power (German DIN) 64kW/87PS
max. torque 143 Nm
transmission (number of gears) "3M" (4+E)
lengh (mm) 4425
width 1710
height 1385
wheelbase 2550
track width front/back 1414/1422
turning circle (m) 10,7-10,85
comfort measure (accelerator - back seat) (mm) 1904
inner width at elbows (front) 1425
seat surface (m²) 2,72
size luggage compartment (l); (backseats down) 480 (1542)
fuel storage (l) ca. 60
tires 195/60R14
unladen weight (kg) 985
maximum velocity (km/h) 171
acceleration 0-100 km/h 11,9
fuel consumption 90 km/h /120 km/h / in town (l) 5,8 / 7,7/ 9,4
(own consumption: (l/100km)) 8-9
extras on top of Trophy-standard:
from plant:
- fog headlights & taillight
- sliding roof (orig. motor waiting to be installed)
additional equipment after delivery:
-power antenna
-power windows (wating to be installed...)
-remote operation for central locking system
-lighting for glove compartment
-double inner rearview mirror from Police Passat
-carpeting for lugg. compartm. from Santana GX
-lighting for luggage compartment
-add. carpeting of lower edge / lugg. compartm.
-catalytic converter "Twintec" (EURO 1)
-noise redcution mat under bonnet from Santana
-shift stick in leather
-cover for shift stick from Passat GT
-windshield wiper arm with spoiler from 5-cyl.
-power mirrors from `84 Passat Syncro
-leather steering wheel from Passat Carat
-light-switches in back doors
-central locking system (original parts)
"What a boring car: no spoilers, no lowering, no NOX-system, " - Right. To me this car, being optically in the original shape, shows exactly the right condition. And perhaps nowadays an `87 Passat Trophy is even more unusual compared to other cars... - cars to have been equipped with optical insistence caused by sidemarkers, bad look or 8x17" alloy wheels... - at least, it has much more understatement.