"Die neueste Idee von Volkswagen."

-"the latest idea from Volkswagen" (advertisement) out of 1987 today is a bit out of date, and there will be very few Passat "Trophy" to be in the condition of this one.

In Autumn 1999, having lost my Santana LX, I needed a new car. So I bought this Passat Trophy Hatchback, and I must admit that for the months my "joy" with this car was very limited - too great was the sadness about the loss of the Santana...

Now, after having installed some "luxury" equipment, I like this car very much and don´t want to miss it. And it really ought to be promoted from the daily use to a Summer-only car.

Well, one day, when there is more of what makes the wheels go round...

Why a Passat Trophy?

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